Toowoomba is situated on the Great Dividing Range, at the intersection of three major highways – Warrego, New England and Gore and is Australia’s largest inland provincial city.

Set 700 metres above sea level Toowoomba, experiences the four distinct seasons.

Toowoomba is the economic and commercial hub of the Darling Downs and is the gateway to the resource-rich Surat Basin Energy Precinct. Agriculture is the largest industry, Major enterprises include manufacturing, health and community services, retail. 

Toowoomba boasts in having one of the highest ratios of education facilities per head of population in Australia making it one of the most prominent education centres in both Queensland and Australia.In terms of tertiary education, Toowoomba is home to the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE and the University of Southern Queensland.

Toowoomba is poised to enter another growth period with major works to be completed in the coming years – the expansion of the current major shopping centre in the CBD, the Second Range Crossing along with the now completed Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport – all having a major benefit to our community.

Toowoomba known as the “Garden City” is becoming a sort after location to escape the crowds and enjoy a rural lifestyle with all the amenities at your door. Toowoomba boasts numerous events and attractions that draw tourists nationally and internationally. Some of these include; Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers; Hampton High Country Food & Arts Festival, Felton Food & Wine Festival. 

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