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What we do during routine inspections at Elders

Routine Inspections are carried out to obtain what maintenance is required, what may need doing in the future to the property and to ensure owners that their investment is being taken care of.

We are required to take photos of each room and the full exterior of the property. These photos are only passed onto the owner and are stored securely. We try not to take photos of personal belongings or your photos. These photos build a timeline of the property for the owner and show any maintenance required. Your lease agreement does state that photos will be taken of the property.

Due to Workplace Health and Safety laws we are required to wear our shoes into your property as this is considered our work place at the time of the inspection. We endeavour to ensure they are as clean as possible.

What are we looking for:
·         Maintenance that is required

·         A tidy home so it reflects well in the photos for the owner to show tenant care.

·         A tidy yard so it reflects well in the photos for the owner to show tenant care.

Any maintenance can be lodged using our online request form by clicking here;

Updated details
Have you details changed? Have the number of tenants or occupants changed? Please contact our office to update your details on 07 4633 6500.

Due to our tight schedules and our run cycle we are often unable to reschedule routines unless it’s an emergency.